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Welcome to the family pages of Jochen A. Wanderer and his great family, with ancestors of a large glass-making family named Wander in Crottendorf Saxony about 1450, since 1550 as glass master and glass painter in Bohemia and Austria, since 1611 glass masters with own glass works in Bischofsgruen, Fichtel Mountains (Fichtelgebirge) an area close to Bayreuth, Bavaria, later since 1700 to be found as glass maker in Lauscha and as black smith and porcelain maker in Scheibe since 1800  in Thuringia Forest. The family descendants are living today in Europe, North America, USA and South America, Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay.


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My own genealocical line is only one of four known principal Wanderer lines. In our family research we have named these four lines after the places, where the first known Wanderer ao each appeared:

I. The Crottendorf Line starting about 1440 -1450

II. The Neuburg Line starting in 1675

III. The Sulzbach - Weihern Line starting in 1650

IV. The Funkstatt Line starting in 1602

Besides these four principal lines, there are several smaller stems

This web-compilation is based on church records, literature sources, old journals or books, especially the book / work of Alwin Eugene John Wanderer from 1951 and information supplied by living persons, so in this case thanks to Lillian C. Dettmar from Bartlett, IL (USA) for first updates - information in harvest 2006 together with a few scans of Fichtel mountain glasses

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